Once an epicenter for mining, the remote desert town of Terlingua is a literal shell of its former self.  Naturally, it’s the final stop for those fleeing modern society and seeking ultimate freedom of personal expression.  Join the residents of Terlingua for just 24 hours, and they’ll not only make you laugh; they’ll make you wonder who’s right about this thing we call “life.”

Guns, the family jewels in a mason jar, and living in a bus without an engine... life couldn’t be better for the real-life offbeat citizens of Texas’ Terlingua Ghost Town.

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The documentary short film GHOST TOWN: 24 HOURS IN TERLINGUA narrated by James McMurtry is a production of Austin, Texas-based Electro-Fish Media Inc. If you like BBQ or humor, check out our documentary film BARBECUE: A TEXAS LOVE STORY.

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