James McMurtry - Narrator

Musician James McMurtry graciously lends his voice as narrator of GHOST TOWN: 24 HOURS IN TERLINGUA. Visit the official site for James McMurtry. 

James McMurtry truly has a unique sound with incomparable lyrics. We highly recommend checking out his acclaimed Childish Things.

Snippet from Official Bio:
James McMurtry is one artist who has earned his solid singer/songwriter/guitarist reputation. Critics, peers and music aficionados have long praised him as being amoung the strongest songwriters of his generation. His works, which range from atmospheric ballads to no-holds-barred rockers, are populated by world-weary souls often longing for something different, if no better, than what they're now enduring. Perhaps in part because of his powerful reputation as a lyricist, coupled with his stirring vocal style, McMurtry is often not given his due as a guitarist. Though not one to stoop to flash just for the sake of effect, he can rip forth with a flurry of fat-toned notes when the material demands it. In the next breath, he'll frame a tender composition with poignant lead lines. He tends to travel with half a dozen or so guitars, which offers him a wide palate of tones and tunings from which to choose. 

The Heartless Bastards (not to be confused with the Ohio-based Fat Possum recording artists of the same name) are McMurtry's rhythm section of nearly a decade. McMurtry's Bastards include bassist/harmony vocalist Ronnie Johnson and drummer Darren Hess. The trio's sets have been honed to Bowie-blade sharpness by their demanding touring schedule and their steady hometown gigs in Austin, Texas. Johnson and Hess are journeymen musicians in their own right, sharing decades of solid band time between them. 

~ L.E. Brady ~