The Locals

Dr. Doug
Lives on the floor of an abandoned school bus. Says he's a psychologist who left the city and now enjoys free rent and abundant freedom. 

Former microprocessor engineer from Dallas. Owner of La Kiva, a creepy cave-like bar and restaurant that takes pride in it's assortment of bones and rocks. Like most locals, he enjoys firing his weapons to let off steam.

Used to live in New York City. Moved to Texas to play the viola in the Houston Symphony. She then became a software engineer at Enron until the collapse. She fled to the desert and intends to stay there where she truly enjoys life. 
Pablo Menudo
Folk singer who refuses to disclose how he ended up in Terlingua but would prefer to sing a song about it. He does. He also shares his philosophies on how the desert inspires art. Then, there's the "Possum and the Cheese" song.  
Uh Clem
Runs a pirate radio station from the former mine owner's abandoned mansion with no roof.

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